Salt Water Pools

Salt Water Pools, Newnan, GA Saltwater pools use a salt chlorinator system to sanitize water. They employ a salt-chlorine generator that converts dissolved salt into chlorine, maintaining water cleanliness. Contrary to popular belief, saltwater pools aren't completely chlorine-free; they produce chlorine through electrolysis, resulting in milder and more consistent chlorine levels.

This method reduces the need for manually adding chlorine, resulting in gentler water that can be less harsh on skin and eyes than traditionally chlorinated pools. Saltwater pools offer a more automated and convenient approach to sanitation while providing a pleasant swimming experience for many individuals.

Local Saltwater Pool Specialists

Four Seasons Pools and Outdoor Living is the company to call upon for your saltwater pool needs. We cater to diverse pool requirements, including design, installation, renovation, and maintenance.

Whether we are creating breathtaking designs, upgrading features, or offering maintenance expertise, we are the trusted choice for comprehensive and reliable pool services. We set the benchmark for quality and distinction in every project.

Benefits of Saltwater Pools

There are many reasons to choose a saltwater pool, such as:

  • Reduced chlorine levels in saltwater pools result in a milder and more comfortable swimming experience, minimizing irritation to skin and eyes.
  • Salt chlorinators generate chlorine continuously, maintaining more consistent and stable chlorine levels than manually adding chlorine in traditional pools.
  • Saltwater pools typically require less maintenance as the salt chlorinator automates chlorine production, reducing the need for frequent manual chlorination.
  • The water in saltwater pools often feels softer and silkier, providing a more pleasant swimming sensation than traditionally chlorinated pools' harsher feel.
  • Despite lower chlorine levels, saltwater pools effectively sanitize water, preventing the growth of algae and bacteria and ensuring cleaner and safer swimming conditions.
  • Saltwater pools generate chlorine continuously from salt, lessening the reliance on chemical additives and creating a more environmentally friendly and balanced pool environment.
  • Although the initial installation cost is higher, saltwater pools can save on long-term chemical expenses, maintenance, and water-balancing chemicals.
  • The self-regulating nature of these systems maintains more stable and consistent water chemistry, leading to better overall water quality.
  • Saltwater systems often result in less wear and tear on pool equipment and surfaces compared to traditional chlorine-based systems, potentially extending the lifespan of pool components.
  • Saltwater pools tend to offer clearer, sparkling water that enhances the pool's visual appeal, creating an inviting and luxurious atmosphere for swimmers.

Our Saltwater Pool Services

We offer complete saltwater pool solutions, including the following:

  • Designing and Planning Saltwater Pools - Our approach to creating saltwater pools involves systematic planning and tailored solutions. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their preferences, integrating salt chlorinator systems seamlessly into the pool's design. We consider factors like pool size, filtration, and circulation systems, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetics while designing saltwater pools.

  • Converting Standard Pools to Saltwater - Four Seasons Pools and Outdoor Living specializes in transforming an existing standard pool into a saltwater oasis. We execute this conversion process with precision and expertise, assessing the current pool infrastructure and determining the necessary modifications. Our team adeptly integrates salt chlorination systems into the pool's setup, ensuring a smooth transition.

For more details about our saltwater pools please call Four Seasons Pools and Outdoor Living at 678-423-8855. You can also email us through this Contact Us form, and we will call you back to discuss your project details.